Even During A Pandemic Avoiding The Dentist Can Be Bad For Your Oral Health

Dental care remains critical for tens of millions of Americans, even during the pandemic. More than one-quarter of U.S. adults ...
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Vice Presidents – What Do They Do

On Jan. 20, Kamala Harris will become vice president of the United States – the first woman, the first person ...
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These Underprescribed lifestyle Medicines – They Don’t Come As Pills, But Try These Medicines For A Better, Longer Life

The majority of Americans are stressed, sleep-deprived and overweight and suffer from largely preventable lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, ...
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In Some Rapidly Diversifying Cities Like Kenosha, Wisconsin Its Not So White Anymore And There’s Fear And Unrest

Kenosha, Wisconsin, became a national byword for racial unrest when protests in August erupted in violence. After local police shot ...
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Built-In Biases In Your Brain Insulate Your Beliefs From Contradictory Facts

A rumor started circulating back in 2008 that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. At the time, ...
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Sarah Paulson Topless Is No Horror Story

Most actresses would be pleased just to have Sarah Paulson’s career on the stage. This busy actress, however, has also ...
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Rob Schneider – Watch Out For Some Sexy Wet Undies

Rob Schneider started out as a stand-up comedian before landing a spot on Saturday Night Live in 1988. His famous ...
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Christopher Backus Raves A Little Too Hard

Orange County sure does make ’em sweet. Actor Christopher Backus is a California native whose tanned skin and grungy long ...
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Ruth Wilson Shows Off Her British Bs

The English actress Ruth Wilson is best known for her roles in movies such as Suburban Shootout (2005) and Jane Eyre ...
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When You Return To Work How To Help Your Dogs And Cats Manage Separation Anxiety

When one of my co-workers found out about a tiny, orphaned kitten that needed a home a few months ago, ...
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According To A Professor Of Comedy Holiday Cards Help Us Cope With A Not-So-Merry Year

The first Christmas card was, perhaps predictably, one of good cheer. The concept is commonly credited to Sir Henry Cole, ...
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The Hidden World Of America’s Handmade Pornography

“To live among the handmade,” philosopher and antiques dealer Leon Rosenstein once said, “is to live among the human.” Soldiers ...
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Here’s Why Group Exercise May Be Even Better For You Than Solo Workouts

Group exercise is very popular: Nearly 40% of regular exercisers participate in group fitness classes. In advance of the coronavirus ...
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Alongside Virtual Buddies Workouts Can Help You Get Fit During The Pandemic

Sales of exercise gear and technology-based fitness tools have exploded in the U.S. as people try to maintain their workout ...
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What To Know About Exercise-Induced Nausea: When Working Out Makes You Sick To Your Stomach

You’re doing it! You’re working out, reaping all those benefits of exercise that have been drilled into your head. So ...
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I’m a COVID-19 long-hauler and an epidemiologist – here’s how it feels when symptoms last for months

Imagine being young and healthy, a nonsmoker with no preexisting health conditions, and then waking up one morning feeling like ...
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We’re Excited To Announce The Launch Of Voice And Video Calling Starting Early January 2021

In light of Covid-19, social distancing doesn’t have to be distant. Our new way for members to connect will keep ...
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Age Differences In Dating

Dr. Romance gets a lot of letters about older women dating younger men, which appears to be shocking to some ...
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Romance Is Not Necessarily Love

In romantic depictions of love, cute little images of cherubs and cupids abound. But Cupid, in his real incarnation, is ...
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Happy Habits For Relationships

Romance is a way to express your love, the icing on the cake. But don’t wait for special occasions to ...
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Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Show

The Presidential Inauguration Of Joe Biden And Kamala Harris


Trump Leaves White House, Ending A Contentious Presidential Term