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Actress Khaneshia ‘KJ’ Smith No Longer Hates Shooting Sex Scenes

Actress KJ Smith plays Andi on the BET show Sistas and between that and her previous stint on the show Survivor’s Remorse, she’s done a lot of nudity. It seems like she didn’t mind throwing off her top and showing off her juicy jugs, but KJ recently told Page Six that she used to hate shooting sex scenes. What?! She clarified that she used to get insecure about her body. The petite 5’4″ actress said, “I didn’t love myself… I did not appreciate the body I had. I didn’t appreciate where I was in life.” Luckily, things have turned around for her. She learned to love herself, to not get in her own head, and she lost 30 pounds which gave her the confidence to shed her clothes left and right in the series Sistas. We’ll watch KJ no matter what she looks like. She’s hot when she’s both thick and thin!

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