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Christopher Backus Raves A Little Too Hard

Orange County sure does make ’em sweet. Actor Christopher Backus is a California native whose tanned skin and grungy long hair gives us serious LA vibes and those vibes are really turning us on. This hunk got his start acting with bit roles on Will & Grace (2004), The O.C. (2005), and The Last Templar (2009) among others. He is best known for being a Southern hottie in Underground (2016) and for playing Woody in Bosch (2017). We can’t help but drool over his mean, lean bod in Roadies (2016) when he plays rockstar Rick Bayless who gets nude and shows off his ass in two episodes. Christopher’s crack is addictive and luckily he shows it off in more than one episode! We can’t get enough of his BACKus.