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Ruth Wilson Shows Off Her British Bs

The English actress Ruth Wilson is best known for her roles in movies such as Suburban Shootout (2005) and Jane Eyre (2006), and TV shows, such as the BBC TV psychological crime drama Luther, where she plays Alice Morgan. Americans are likely more familiar with this beauty from her appearances in Anna Karenina (2012) and The Lone Ranger (2013). The award-winning thespian was raised Catholic, which means that she’s going to go the extra mile to add guilty depth to her sex scenes. Just take a look at her writhing under her lover in Small Island (2009), where her naked body may not reveal it naughtiest bits, but still manages to make your island quite large. Ruth finally graced us with her nude debut in the October 2014 premiere of the Showtimes series The Affair! In the first two episodes, Ruth bared enough boobs and butt to last us for quite some time, but there’s sure to be plenty more where that came from! She showed up throughout the series to give us multiple views of her breasts as well as some very bush-tastic scenes that had us drooling for more shots of Ruth’s beaver. She put nude scenes behind her with that show and decided to opt for just a hint of cleavage when she wears a plunging neckline in the film Mrs. Wilson. Ms. Wilson gave us some cleavage in Mrs. Wilson, but we certainly prefer the wildness she showed in The Affair. We love Ruth and we don’t care!

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