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How To Win A Man’s Heart Through Text Messages

Do you want to know how to win a man’s heart through text messages? It sounds like the ultimate plan doesn’t it? You send him a cute message and he is surely going to fall for you. Or… it worked just fine the last time but this time, it will be much more effective because you are in a better situation.

Get your boyfriend at a quiet place where he would probably be sitting or leaving for a while. Go there and just start chatting with him in an ordinary tone of voice. Maintain eye contact and try not to disturb the peace. You need to chat normally and casually without letting the conversation gets boring. It would be even better if you are not really interested in what he has to say.

When you have successfully got your guy to listen and pay attention, then you can proceed to learn how to win a man’s heart through text. Use light and nice words. It would be best if you use words that make him feel good. He would most likely respond to you if you make him feel good.

Once he starts listening to you, try to build your friendship up even more. This way, he would think that he is being invited into your world as well. Be more intimate as you text each other. The secret here is to always keep things light and easy. Nothing can make your guy happier than a simple “Thank You” or “I Love You”.

You can also try to get into his mood by finding out what his favorite movies or TV shows are. Try to talk about the episodes while you are texting each other. Just make sure not to talk about the movie itself. This would be just weird.

It might be easier for you to get into his emotions once you start a romantic conversation with him. Work on having a great relationship with this person. Work on making him feel special and wanted. Text your guy to make him feel wanted. One sure way on how to win a man’s heart through text messages is to make sure you text him every day because this would be a clear indicator that you care about him.

The third step on how to win a man’s heart through text messages is to always send him jokes. It would be best if you sent him jokes that he could relate to because there is no point in getting into a serious conversation when you already made it difficult for him to open up to you. If he likes the joke, then he would think of you more often especially if it is funny. Once he feels good about being your boyfriend, he will start to think of you as his mate and not a friend.

Lastly, the fourth and the most important step on how to win a man’s heart through text messages is to always do your best to be his friend. Always be there to make him laugh. Send him jokes and send him cute quotes. These are some of the most effective ways on how to win a man’s heart through text messages. Work on these and let them be your key to winning his heart forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go over these steps now. The sooner you do these things, the earlier you would get him to realize that you are the girl he has been looking for. So better start today and you would never regret doing so.

You have to learn how to text him first before you can win his heart. See? These steps are simple but very effective. They have everything to do with how to win a man’s heart through text messages.

If you want to know how to win a man’s heart through text messages, you should try these tips out now. Remember that you can always use your smarts and your good looks when you text your guy. However, there is something that comes in between those two things and that is confidence. Once you are able to gain confidence in yourself, all of your actions would be directed towards getting you the man of your dreams. Read on and find out how to do exactly what to text to keep him committed to you. Click Here to What to Text Your Ex Boyfriend After the No Contact Rule.

Austin Millo is a Psychologist and a couple of therapist with years of experience in conflict resolution and communication skills. Studied philosophy from A graduate of the University of Brighton, Eastbourne UK in 2015. He works as a full-time Psychologist in los Angeles, California. A father and a husband with 4 children.

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