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How Serious Is Your Online Date? The Signs

The one challenge that comes with online dating is that it can be very hard to tell what the other person is feeling and whether they have the same expectations as you do. Face to face interactions are very helpful when it comes to evaluating a potential partner, but the fact that it might take time before you meet and spend time together makes online dating a little challenging especially for those looking for serious relationships.

However, it is very possible to find a date looking for a serious and strong relationship. There are a few signs that you can watch out for to find out whether what you have has any seriousness or you are just having fun and wasting time with each other. If what you want is a serious relationship, then the signs are worth looking for just so you do not end up wasting too much time on a relationship that can’t grow into anything.

Sign 1 – You talk about small funny things.

If you find that both of you have no problems getting into details even about small funny things that might seem irrelevant to others, then you definitely have something good going on. Insignificant parts of life can be interesting and fun when you share something special and have things in common. You will both get thrilled from reading such little things and it’s a very positive sign.

Sign 2 – You easily open up to each other even about serious things

When two people are connected at a deeper level, they do not find it that hard to share serious things that touch on them as individuals or with family. For instance, you will find it very easy to open up about an alcoholic past or a family separation and you will not worry about being judged. Actually, if you can both joke about situations that are somehow dark in your lives and still draw strength from each other, then you could be headed for a serious relationship.

Sign 3 – You enjoy consistent chats and conversations

When you like someone online and they like you back, then disappearing acts that most people experience do not surface. You will enjoy dating that is more consistent compared to chats that end up halfway only for the person to show up again two weeks later. If they have time to handle a chat to the end, then it could be because they have decided to dedicate more time on you and less on any other potentials. Frequent, regular communications that end well are very good signs of a serious relationship because it means that your date prioritizes love even with busy schedules.

Sign 4 – You feel ready to meet at the same time

After weeks of dating online, there comes a time when you want to finally meet your date and have a physical date. If your date sounds just as ready as you when you decide to finally meet, it is a positive sign and could actually mean you are reading from the same page. You might also find that you both feel ready to pull down your online dating profiles at the same time.

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