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Internet Dating: Should Someone Edit Their Pictures When They Use Internet Dating?

When one goes out at night with the intention of meeting someone, there is a strong chance that they will want to be at their best. There are then going to be a number of things that they can do.

The first thing they are likely to do is to make sure they look right, and this will involve the clothes they wear and the style of their hair. And when it comes to a woman, they will probably spend a fair amount of time doing their makeup.

The Right Smell

Once this has all taken place, one could take the time to find the right aftershave/perfume for the occasion. Or if they only wear one fragrance, this is not going to be something that will take them very long.

Having said that, one could have a few and still know exactly what they are going to use. This could be a sign that this is an area of their life that they put a lot of effort into, and it is then not going to be possible for them to randomly choose one.

Checking In

During this time or when they have left where they live, they could be getting themselves into the right mood. They could realise that this may make it easier for them to meet the right person.

They could think about how this will make them more approachable or that other people will be more likely to embrace them if they were to approach them. Therefore, looking right is not going to be the only thing that matters.

It’s on

Through looking right and feeling right, they could believe that they are ready to have a good evening. How they look and how they smell could well be what will get the ball rolling, but their personality could be what defines whether it will go to the next stage.

Along with this, the other person’s personality may also be what will have the biggest effect on them. Thus, how they smell and what they look like is then not going to define whether one will want to take things further.

A Clear Idea

Through going out and meeting people this way, they will be able to see what people actually look like. The only thing that will stop this from taking place is if they end up having too much to drink.

The idea they have of someone is then not going to match up with reality, and they may then find it hard to remember what they look like the following day. Yet when this happens, it is going to be down to them as opposed to what the other person has done.


Now, when it comes to another person’s personality, it could be said that it will be a lot harder for them to know if their behaviour matches up with who they are. For one thing, they may have had a few drinks, and this can then mean that they will be different to what they are usually like.

Also, they may feel the need to put on an act, and it then won’t matter if they have had something to drink. So while there are pitfalls to meeting people in the real world, there is not a lot that can be done about them.

Online Dating

The alternative might be for one to use internet dating instead, and this could be seen as a better way to meet people. This could primarily be due to the fact that one doesn’t need to go out; the only thing they need to do is to have a device.

However, although this can be seen as the best option, it doesn’t mean that this will always be the case. The thing about internet dating is that it can be far easier for one to be deceived online than in the real world.

Two parts

On one side, people can make things up about themselves, and their description can have very little, if any, relevance to their own personality. Even so, it could be said that this is no different to how people can put on an act in the real world.

And on the other side, they can also upload pictures that are extremely old, and even if they are relatively new, they could have edited them. It could then be argued that people can change their appearance in the real world by weak makeup and or fake tan, for instance.

A Big Difference

Nevertheless, when it comes to what can be done to a picture online and what people can do to their face offline, there is no comparison. And someone can change an image without needing to be a photo editing expert.

One can then experience a strong attraction to someone online and come to believe that this is what they look like in person. Yet if they were to meet them in real life, they may end up being bitterly disappointed.

False Advertising

This is then similar to one buying a product that claims to do something and then ends up coming up short. But while there are regulations in place to make sure that this rarely happens, there are no regulations in place when it come to the kind of pictures that one can use on online dating.

Still, it would be inaccurate to say that everyone who edits their pictures are out to deceive others, as they are going to be plenty of people who simply want to look their best. But even if someone doesn’t have an ulterior motive, they are still going to be deceiving others.

An Illusion

When they edit their pictures, they will not be presenting themselves as they are; they will be presenting a false image. It could be said that it is one thing to want to put their best foot forward, so to speak, and another thing altogether to change their appearance.

One could believe that they don’t look as good if they don’t edit their pictures, but it could be said that this doesn’t matter. What matters is that they present themselves in a way that actually reflects who they are, and this will then give them the chance to attract someone who likes who they are.


As even if they do believe that they look better after their pictures have been edited, there will come a time when another person meets them in the flesh. And if the person they meet ends up having a negative response and doesn’t want take things further, they will soon see how important it is for them to upload images that match up with their appearance.

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